Scott Jones is passionate and excited about life in Lake Tahoe.  Having grown up in the Bay Area, his roots are deep in Lake Tahoe.  His Grandpa – Papa Sid lived along the shores of Carnelian Bay back in the 1940’s and he was known to enjoy cocktails at Cal Neva lodge with the owners.

  • Realtors with a strategy to take advantage of roots
  • Hardworking and always communicating the hard work
  • I’m always available – you don’t have to talk to my assistant
  • Let me show you hidden gems on the Lake you never knew existed

Buying or selling a home is never easy but the truth is that a good Realtor will make the whole process seem a lot easier.  While it isn’t “brain surgery” many realtors miss the main point.  It is all about communication, communication and communication.  You will never wonder what is going on – whether you are buying or selling.  Always in contact and always adjusting to the market.  That is what will happen!

Call Scott, actions speak!