Why I fell in Love with Lake Tahoe

Crayt_85_martiniIt has been a difficult summer and my intention to blog as a way to inform my clients was interrupted by the ill health of my dad. He took a bad fall in his home in San Francisco and after almost four months of being bedridden – Crayton Winton Jones passed away in his home at the age of 87 years of age.  This picture is of him on his 85th birthday enjoying his signature martini.   He had a wonderful life by anyone’s definition.

My love for Lake Tahoe was born out of my fathers’ love of Lake Tahoe which was born out his fathers love of Lake Tahoe. My grandfather, Papa Sydney Jones, lived in what we refer to as the “Stone House” which was on the shores of Carnelian Bay during the 1930’s. Family legend has my grandfather screaming out of his house at Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald to “shut the *&?# up” as they were singing their signature song “Indian Love Call” while filming Rose Marie on Lake Tahoe. My dad was hooked – not on Nelson Eddy or Jeanette McDonald – but on Lake Tahoe.

This is where I grew up spending my summer vacations, driving up from the Bay Area , usually on the north shore of Lake Tahoe – Tahoe City, Dollar Point, Agate Bay, Carnelian Bay, Incline . . . yes we stayed in all of these communities along the Lake. I was hooked for life just as my dad was and as was my grandfather.

I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine and in many ways the dreams of many of my family members when I moved up here full time to work and play on the South Shore. South Lake Tahoe is now where call home. I married my wife here (at Cave Rock) and my daughter now goes to Sierra House Mountain Academy along Pioneer Trail in South Lake Tahoe. We feel the sense of community and the responsibility to serve and protect this paradise for generations to come.

So almost 3 weeks after the passing of the most important man in my life I am ready to move forward with many things I have put on hold. It won’t be easy and I will never forget him.

I love you dad!

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