Lake Tahoe is coming alive

The recession left few parts of the country untouched. Home prices, employment, businesses etc. . . all took big hits and our beloved Lake Tahoe certainly was not an exception to places negatively impacted by the downturn that took hold in 2006. But as the summer is coming to its conclusion it is clear the tide has turned.

By almost any measure, this has been a successful summer for residents, tourists and businesses. Despite the lack of cooperation from mother nature to bring the needed precipitation during the winter, Lake Tahoe has rebounded quite nicely. The momentum began in the winter in spring despite historically low snowfalls (the resorts can thank their improved snow making equipment) and it has continued all summer long!

The beaches have been busy, the restaurants have been full, the weather has been very warm and the casinos at stateline have been packed. And I haven’t even talked about the concerts. Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Journey, Sammy Hagar, Steve Miller, Boston, . . . . and in a couple weeks the Eagles. Lake Tahoe has been the site of many headliners this summer and clearly is a place with world class entertainment to go with the unbeatable scenery of the mountains and the lake!

New businesses are on the increase and renovations are in the works all around town. The aging Horizon hotel is closing to be reborn as the HardRock Casino. The “whole in the ground” across from Heavenly Village is finally taking shape with gorgeous storefronts soon to open. The area around Lakeview Commons is almost finished with its upgrade and soon a new brew pub will open where the Swiss Chalet Restaurant was.

Yes, Lake Tahoe is really a sparkling place to be right now!

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