Tahoe Spring

village_medeirosWell it happened again – another disappointing snow season.  With winter with us for another week – we saw another ski resort close due to lack of snow.  Sierra at Tahoe suspended operations today and there is little on the weather report to suggest they will be reopening soon.

We cannot control mother nature.  But other than conserving water as best we can do the only logical thing to do is to embrace the warm weather that is allowing us to enjoy activities normally reserved for the late spring and summer.  With the recent time change it is now light outside until after 7pm and there is hiking and biking to do or just sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine.  This weekend we had family in town and we spent time at the beach and time in Heavenly Village enjoying outdoor entertainment.  You see – Lake Tahoe cannot be held hostage by abnormal weather.  There are activities waiting for one and all weather it is below 30 degrees or closer to 60 degrees.

Lake Tahoe has no boundaries – as they say “when in Rome . . . . ”


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